Tahlequah Public
Works Authority
101 North College Avenue
Tahlequah, Oklahoma  74464
(918) 456-2564

New Customer Notice
Effective April 1, 2011

We welcome you as a customer of Tahlequah Public Works Authority and Northeast Oklahoma Public Facilities Authority and would like to acquaint you with some of the polices and procedures of our utility departments.  These polices and procedures have been approved by the Board of Trustees to assure the lowest utility rates possible to all of our customers.

1. Office hours for Tahlequah Public Works Authority and Northeast Oklahoma Public Facilities Authority are: 
    Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm with the exception of holidays.
    Business Office: (918) 456-2564
    Emergency Services: (918) 456-3591 - After 5:00pm or weekends and holidays

2. Utility bills are mailed each month and are payable on or before the due date of the following month.

3. Failure to receive a utility bill through the mail, is not a valid reason for nonpayment.  If you have not received your utility bill, by the due date, please contact the utility department at 101 North College Avenue or call 456-2564 for a duplicate copy.

4. Accounts not paid by the due date are assessed a 5% surcharge and are subject to immediate disconnection of service.

5. If services are disconnected for nonpayment, the following re-connection charges are applicable:
 ● There will be NO Same-Day reconnects or after normal business hours.
 ● There will be a $50.00 charge for each service reconnected during normal working hours, as well as an additional $50.00 gas and/or electric deposit, and/or a $10.00 water deposit.
 ● Employees in the field are prohibited to accept payment for utility bills.
 ● Night Depository is located on the South side of the utility building.
 ● If there is evidence of tampering, there will be an additional $70.00 charge to cover the cost of service  and equipment.

6. On all new accounts a charge of $12.00 will be added for each trip made to connect one or all services.  The connect charge increases to $50.00 for each utility on weekends, after hours or on holidays.

7. A $25.00 service charge is required for all returned checks.

8. Meter deposits can only be made by the person in whose name the account will be held. Identification is required.

9. All Work orders given to this office pertaining to any transaction of a customers' account, must be given by the account holder ONLY and a work order signed confirming the transaction. Identification is required.

10.  Refunds can be made to the account holder ONLY. Identification is required.